Do Squirrels Carry Diseases?

Squirrels can be a real pest, and have a really bad reputation. Grey squirrels in particular are not the most popular animal because they killed off all of the red squirrels, making them an endangered species in the UK. They also do a lot of damage to trees. And now we can add carriers of dangerous diseases to the list of why squirrels aren’t as cute and cuddly as them may seem.

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Some recent studies have actually confirmed that grey squirrels can transmit Lyme diseases to humans because they are normally riddled with ticks. When the ticks bite, they transfer the disease to the squirrel. Lyme disease is incredibly dangerous as it affects the heart, joints and nervous system. Out of 679 squirrels that were tested, 12% of them ended up having the strain of bacteria that can cause Lyme disease.


Squirrels can become a serious pest if they are allowed to breed and get out of control, according to Catach-it Ltd in London, a squirrel pest specialist. Add that to the news that they also carry Lyme disease makes them really undesirable to be around. Effective squirrel pest control is hard to do because of how free squirrels are. They can get to most places, and normally hang around parks because they can get fed. Our advice would be to keep your distance from them.


More and more people are calling out for squirrel control as the population has been on the rise over the last few years. Some people have even resorted to eating squirrels to try and cull the population. However with the discovery that squirrels can transmit Lyme disease, I think finding a squirrel connoisseur is going to be a hard task.


UK laws with squirrels are very tight and professional pest controllers must be called in to deal with squirrels properly. It’s illegal to kill squirrels yourself, so the best course of action if you do have a squirrel control problem would be to call in a professional.

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